What Is Shared Hosting and How Does It Work +Pros & Cons

what is shared hosting

Shared web hosting is exactly what it sounds like. It is web hosting that is shared by many websites on one server. A certain amount of the server’s resources, such as disc space, accounts, databases, etc., is allotted to each user. It is among the most widely used kind of web hosting, if not the most.

Linux-shared web hosting is ideal if you’re a novice seeking to get started with website setup. It is also ideal for those who are not beginners but want affordability and simplicity of usage. However, like with most things in life, shared server hosting has advantages and disadvantages. Let us examine some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with shared hosting.

How Shared Hosting Operates

Whenever a visitor types in the URL of your website, their browser will request the shared website hosting its content. Visitors may access your web pages since the web server will provide the required material back in exchange. A web host that offers shared hosting stores and handles data from several websites. It is often a less costly kind of Linux-shared web hosting since the expense is divided across many websites.

Since the hosting company sets up and maintains the shared web hosting server, the website owner may concentrate on other elements of website development. Additionally, no technical expertise is needed to use a shared server.

Nevertheless, acquiring a shared hosting service also entails restricted access to processing power, storage capacity, bandwidth, and little to no control over server settings. As a result, it is more suited for small—to medium-sized websites.

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

Although shared hosting sometimes has a terrible reputation for being sluggish and unpredictable, more recent web providers, such as Hostinger, have improved servers, boosted security measures, improved control panels, and expanded resources for all customers.

1. Cpanel Integrated For Convenience Of Use

Managing shared web hosting might be challenging. However, the very user-friendly and robust cPanel panel makes it easy to manage your web hosting duties, including adding more domains, databases, emails, and more—all for free.

2. Technical Knowledge Is Optional

You may contact the shared web hosting provider for any technical questions or server administration-related issues since they are handled by the hosting company itself. This spares you the additional expense of hiring a third-party server administrator in the event that you lack technical know-how.

3. Shared Hosting Is Easy to Use

Plans for shared web hosting service are very easy to utilize. You may concentrate your efforts on expanding your website and drawing more visitors when you choose shared hosting.

4. SSL Protection

Even while certain shared website hosting options are thought to be safer than others, hazards nevertheless exist for all hosting kinds. Installing the required security services on a website is the responsibility of both the service provider and the website owner. However, it is noted that the majority of recently launched websites need more security safeguards. There might be a number of reasons for this, such as lack of knowledge or financial difficulties. For more details, check out the shared hosting price.

Drawbacks of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is accessible and inexpensive, but it also has some disadvantages, like:

1. Restricted Resources

Restricted storage, bandwidth, and CPU power are the results of sharing resources with other websites. The performance of your website may suffer from an abrupt increase in traffic from nearby websites.

2. Absence Of Root Access

Root access provides the greatest level of system access. It enables you to install server-wide programmed like Nginx and Apache and run a different operating system. Root access is often restricted to dedicated and best shared web hosting.

3. Mutual IP

You will share an IP address with other users and resources. When facing domain name problems, you are unable to access your website using a shared web hosting service IP address, as opposed to a dedicated one.

Things to Take Into Account While Choosing a Shared Hosting Company

When selecting a best shared hosting in India company, novices often base their decision just on pricing. Nonetheless, the provider is crucial to the security and functionality of your website.Think about the uptime, traffic, speed, and services that the hosting provider provides to make an educated choice and select the ideal web hosting option for your requirements.


When your online pages are unavailable or malfunctioning, this is called affordable shared hosting downtime. It may have a detrimental effect on user experience and your reputation. As a result, we advise searching for hosting companies that promise a 99% uptime rate so that your website will always be operational. You can check a web host’s uptime by using review sites such as HostScore.

Traffic Per Month

Some cheap shared web hosting plans have a monthly traffic cap, which you may need to be made aware of. In real terms, this implies that the server will either cease showing your website on the internet or charge you more for “extra visitors” after a certain number of visits.

To avoid the chance of your website going down, constantly pay attention to the information provided by businesses and make sure to choose those with limitless shared server price data traffic.


You and other websites share a server in a shared hosting environment. It’s a terrific alternative for individuals who are just beginning out online since it’s economical. Furthermore, you can use this service without being technically skilled to use this service since the low-cost shared hosting company will handle server management and maintenance. Think about a shared server hosting traffic limits, bandwidth capacity, uptime, and essential features. Make sure it can handle your site’s expansion when it gets more visitors. Consider upgrading your plan or switching to cloud or low-cost shared hosting to get additional features and resources. Check out the shared hosting cost.

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