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Google analytics full course 2022

Hello Readers,

In this post, I am going to give you an overview of the Google Analytics Dashboards.

As an SEO Expert, I’ll teach how you can track your website performance and the visitors who are coming to your website on daily basis.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool of Google that allows you to track your website performance so that you can able to make decisions to optimize the website according to user behavior.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google analytics tool can measure your website traffic, Audience and demographic, page view session, website bounce rate, and so on.

These are some important metrics that will help you to optimize the website for your audience so that they engage more with your content. Even you can check that the audience coming to your website is using which device and browser.

If you are using an eCommerce website, You can track the audience behavior and check the google analytics reports to make decisions. It will always increase the sales of any business.

How does Google Analytics work?

For using the Google Analytics tool, first, you need to connect it with the website which you want to track.

To connect to this tool, you will get a javascript code after signup the google analytics account. You just need to add that javascript code in the head section of your website.

Once you set up the code, if any use user will come to your property (website) then the code will trigger automatically and start tracking performance.

google analytics full course 2022

To check whether it’s working or not, you can visit your website yourself in another window (browser) and check if any numbers coming to the dashboard. If it showing then the google analytics account has been successfully connected with your property.


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