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What Is Marketing

What is Marketing, is my hot topic for today that you are going to learn, and along with it, we’ll discuss some other important topics such as traditional vs digital marketing, brand positioning, integrated digital marketing & its strategy, the importance of communication in business, and evolution of personal branding, etc.

Marketing in Business

Before learning about marketing, we have to understand its fundamentals & law.

I have seen many people who are understanding that marketing is all about promoting or advertising your existing products & services but it is hardcore true that this perception about it is totally wrong.

What Is Marketing

Yes! You heard right,

Because marketing starts before creating a product. It always starts with research or analysis of customers’ needs or requirements so that customers could be dying to purchase it.

Only understanding the customer’s need or their behavior will not help you to market your product or services. Because marketing is also about sending the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Confused about these terms? (right message, right people, right time)

Let me make it easy for you,

Right massage: It means when you pitch a product or service to the customer, make sure you are giving them the right product that he/she needs it.

Right people: your product should be pitched to the right people who are decision-makers or should be capable to buy your product.

Right time: The timing of pitching your service is the main element in marketing. Because if you are pitching the product at the wrong time means he/she is not active at that time so, the conversion will never happen.

Types of Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is not sharing or pushing content to the customer by yourself. It helps your customers to find the products that they are looking for. If you are an SEO Expert, you have many ways to do it such as SEO, content marketing, and become an affiliate, and search engine also help us to drive traffic to our website.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is all about pushing your products & services to the customers with the perception they will buy. It is just to target the mass media and roadside billboards are the perfect example of outbound promotion.

What is Brand Positioning

To make a brand and capture your position in the customer’s mind is the only purpose of marketing and we call it brand positioning.

Many people say, marketing is all about selling your products or services to a number of new customers but this is not the complete truth.

How to Make a Personal Brand

Because a good marketer needs to sell your products not only to the new customers but also to hold or retain the old customers too.

To hold your existing customers, you need to keep in touch with them and create a friendly environment with them so that they could retain your products.

The key to Brand Positioning

To make your customers retail and make a position of your brand it should be important to have a good product. Because is the main key factor of you.

Never give value to marketing than the product because if your product is high quality and solves the problem of customers, it will sell itself. Even you don’t need the market your products.

If your product or service is really good so your customers will also recommend the product to others. It means that if you are a good marketer, your customers should be the brand ambassadors of your product.

“Advertising, copywriting and the sales if only the component of marketing”

There are several brands (Apple is one of them) that don’t need to market their product because they have captured the market by delivering high-quality products.

How to Make a Personal Brand

To make a successful brand like digiarun.com, you don’t need to be no. 1 in your niche but also be the only one in the area. If you found high competition in your niche, just choose the sub-niche and become a leader in that.

There are many brands that already use this strategy like Mercedes- Benz because. This brand is not a leader or the only one in the automobile sector.

This means if you need to buy a car, there are plenty of options you have. But, Mercedes- Benz classified itself as a luxury car which defines the buyer’s class.

Why You Should Learn the Marketing Concept

because it has the power of understanding human psychology and the consumer market.

Marketing is not a new generation though, even though we are doing it a long time ago.

And for businesses, it’s a powerful tool to generate revenue or sell products and services. Marketing always plays the main role in any business because it gives direct returns.

In any company everything has a cost whether it’s employee, HR, or infrastructure it will not give you Instant results but marketing can give you the instant ROI.

And, if you see many companies outsourcing their promotion work which is the wrong strategy because every business owner should learn this skill himself/herself because we have already discussed that marketing starts before the product creates.

So, how it can be outsourced?

If you are a product creator or a manufacturer, you are more capable to understand your products or services rather than outsource the work to promote them.

Now, if I’ll talk about marketing for making a career so it is always a good idea to learn these skills because if you know how to market and sell, you have a safe career always.

You can’t be unemployed ever because you have the skill which every organization has need.

Importance of Communication in Marketing & Business

It has a direct connection with good communication and it doesn’t mean that you should be well familiar with Fluent English.

Good communication is just about transferring your though to others in a really simple manner.

Importance of Communication in Marketing

If you have the ability to explain your thought to others which can be easily understandable by them, you are a good communicator and you can pitch your product and services to the customer in a simple way.

If you are writing content so it must be in normal language, don’t focus on too much grammar and if you are reading my content till now so you can relate to my words.

How to Improve Communication Skills

If you feel that you are not a good communicator, there is a simple way to improve it which is consistent writing.

Yes! Writing,

Make a habit of daily writing so that you can easily throughout your thought to words which can help you to speak well automatically.

Watching high ethics & conceptualized movies, tv show & stand-up comedy show is also a good idea to improve your communication skills.

What is Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing is an old method of promoting services and products. A few years ago, where businesses were always dependent on traditional methods to showcase their products and services.

They used some old promotional materials such as billboards, holdings, Broadcasting, Cold-calling, etc.
On the other hand, digital marketing is all about promoting your product and services using some digital channel such as social media, website, content marketing, etc.

What is Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

It does mean that now a day traditional marketing is totally not in use. Basically, it depends on the products or services you are selling.

If your product is generic and has a huge audience size, you can tv ads to reach out to millions of people.
I have made an easy comparison between traditional marketing and digital marketing which I have described in the form of the table below.

Traditional Marketing:

  • Costly method of promoting products & services.
  • Can’t measure the performance or results you are getting or not.
  • Can’t calculate your promotion cost.
  • Time-taking process.
  • Physical effort is more.
  • Examples: Billboards, bus/taxi wraps, posters, Print (Magazines, Telemarketing, Window display, signs, etc are examples of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing:

  • A cheaper method of marketing.
  • Full control to measure the performance or results that you are getting.
  • Can calculate your marketing cost to optimize the marketing campaign.
  • Easy to do and instant process to getting results.
  • Don’t need to go anywhere, just need to have a laptop and a good internet connection.
  • Examples: social media, Website, Content marketing, Affiliate marketing, Inbound marketing, and Search engine marketing.

CATT Marketing Funnel and its Concept

For some people, this term is new and is not from a marketing and sales background. But let me clear it for you that CATT stands for “content attention trust transaction” which means if you are a salesperson or a business owner who wants to sell their product. So, your product should be fitted on this funnel called the CATT funnel.

CATT Marketing Funnel

Let me explain to you one by one,

Content: Content is the main element of any sales and sales start with content. To sell something to your customers you have to provide them with content first. Create that much useful content that attracts people who are in the same niche.

After that, they will be aware, of what your product or service is about?

In the form of content, you can provide the customer’s blog posts, videos, lead magnets, live webinars, etc.

Attention: Only by creating content there will be no benefit if you don’t have the traffic or mass audience size. There are several ways to drive traffic to your website or landing pages such as SEO, social media, paid ads, and referrals.

Trust: now it’s time to make yourself trustable so that conversion could happen. Communication with your audience and always connecting them till the conversion and after the conversion is the key to every successful brand.

You have to do something called drip marketing, marketing automation, and retargeting to make your lead nurture so that it could be converted.

Transaction: This is the final stage to convert your prospect audience into customers by pitching them products or services that you are selling.

Integrated Digital Marketing & Its Strategy

Integrated means combination which means adding two or more two things.

In digital promotion, we have many tools which we can use to promote our product on the internet, and tools or tactics are SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, etc.

Integrated Digital Marketing & Its Strategy

source: DigitalDeepak.com

I have seen many marketers that depend sometimes on one channel of digital marketing like SEO or paid marketing which is a big mistake.

If you are thinking that working on SEO or a paid method will give you conversion or sales, it will be never done because it’s a combined practice.

If you are a business that needs conversion so, you should generate leads from SEO, social media, or PPC and along with that, you should nature the leads by email marketing & automation.

You have to keep in mind that conversion will never happen or one time. It means if you are thinking that by creating a Facebook or PPC campaign you can generate direct sales so, it will become a little bit tricky. Because nobody wants to buy the first time they need proofs, reviews, and other trustable elements.

Integrated digital marketing is based on human physiology and You have to perform all the activities together to generate sales and increase your brand visibility as well.


The above marketing ethics and strategy I have described can be very useful for any sales, freelancer, marketing agency, and so on. That’s all about the post, if you like my though, please share this post with your connection (social media) who are in this segment and comment to me if any suggestions you want to give me.

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