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How to Choose a Niche

How to choose a niche for your blog, business, YouTube, and affiliate marketing? Probably these are the questions that could be in your mind if you landed on my webpage.

Maybe you are a beginner and planning to create a brand-new blog or a YouTube channel, and confused about which topic you should choose that could be helpful to earn something from the Internet.

If all above are related to your query, so you are at the right place!

Before further ado, we have to understand the importance of choosing a profitable niche, and it’s fundamental to make your understanding strong towards topic selection.

What is the Importance of Selecting a Profitable Niche?

Selecting a profitable niche is important not only for businesses but also for a blogger if you are thinking about launching a website.

Just think about there is only one company or a service provider on the Earth who is selling its product to all the people in the world. How it would be?

It will be strange! Right?

The people who used to do multiple tasks in a single time can’t get any good results in their work and if you ever heard a well-known quote “the person who chases two rabbits catches neither” is the perfect example of what I am trying to say.

To find a good niche you need to understand your calling, nobody can’t tell you what topic you should pick.

How Specialization Can Help to Generate Wealth in the World?

Now in 2023, the World population is more than 8.1 billion and we need many things to survive on the earth people are here with multiple professions like – doctors, scientists, IAS, engineers, chefs, marketers, and so on.

Every person is specialized in their own profession. Just suppose If everyone will do the same thing so how will other people do, the wealth of the entire world goes up.

It is important to have a different skillset for everyone who is living in the world so that buying and selling cycle could work properly for wealth creation.

If you are getting issues finding a single niche for your blog or a business website, can mix up two skills if possible or relevant to your interest.

How to Become a Legend in Your Niche?

It is not an impossible task to become a legend, even anyone can be a legend or an SEO Expert in their own passion.
The basic formula is to choose the niche in which you feel naturally inclined because you can only do the things for a long time if you enjoy doing them.

And, it is true that you can be a master in something if you are doing it for a long time or repetitively.
If you are enjoying your work, you can do it in the long run and repetitive task always makes man master in that field.

For example – I am a digital marketer and I love to work with a strategic mindset by measuring my website traffic, analyzing, making strategies, and so on. I love to do these things and I can do it for the whole day (if I have no other task)

To choose a profitable niche and become a legend in it, always work on what you have an interest in and you always wanted to do.

Just think about your childhood inclination or find your Interest which has market demand too.

How to Discover your Profitable and Unique Niche?

Discover your profitable and unique niche has a process that you have to do and after doing so you’ll definitely get the niche that has market demand too.

There are some steps that you have to follow to find out a better niche for your business.

Finding a niche could be divided into three parts which are

  1. Interest
  2. Talent
  3. Market Demand

How to Choose a Niche

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First of all, let’s discuss your interest –

Interest –

  • Find out at least 3 topics or subjects (in school) in which you have had a keen interest from childhood and make a list of that topics. The interest could be anything such as computer, English, drawing & art, and so on (in my case I found my interest in – Social Science, Biology, and Computer)
  • Make a list of some of the topics that you have been reading and learning for the last 5 years and it can be anything such as competitive exams related study materials, or something related to your work (digital marketing, web designing, business & accounting, artificial intelligence, etc).

Now, that you have successfully found the interest, it’s time to move on to your talent.

Talent –

There might be more chances, and your talent and interest would be the same but, in my case, I had a keen interest in hardware and networking but was no talent to serve that skill. People (market) will only pay you for your talent, not the Interest that you have.

Talent is what the people observe in you so to better understand your skills or talent you should be asked your family members, friends, and your co-workers about it.

Let’s move further to find out your talent by using some steps –

  • Ask your parents for 2-3 talents in your case.
  • Ask your friends for 2-3 talents in your case.
  • Ask your co-worker 2-3 talents in your case.

In my case, I got some answers like this –

  • Family Member: time management, pet care.
  • Friend: relation tips, problem-solving.
  • Co-worker: strategy of doing website SEO, content writing, leadership.

This section is most important to choose your profitable niche because I already said above, people will only for your talent not for your interest.

Market Demand –

You have already covered the interest and talent part, now you have to do some market research to know whether people are looking for your talent-related stuff or not. Because there is a benefit to choosing a niche for your business or blog website that has no buyers (There is supply without demand).

Now, you are probably confused about how to do market research because many people want to do market research but they don’t know, how to start?

But don’t worry, I can help in that process and will give you the complete steps funnel to do good market research the great thing is that you can follow these steps in any niche.

Let’s dive into the market research!

First of all, we’ll start with assumptions and then to market demand

  • Make a list of 3-4 niches for which you think that has a market demand (peoples are looking for it) but make sure to choose it according to your talent, not for only interest (because I already told you, people will pay you only for your talent, not for interest).
  • Choose one niche out of four (which you selected) and start broader market research by using these steps –1. Make a list of the top 7 authority people or influencers in your niche. Make a list of 7 books (audio, printed, eBooks) that are really popular or demanded in your niche.
  • Find out at least 5-7 authoritative blogs or websites in your niche (in most cases these blogs are related to that authoritative person who has been considered an influencer).
  • Try to create a buyer persona and start with a small survey offline or online (you can use a google form to do the task) and ask some questions to the people by filling out your form. You can ask for their name, email address, goals, and challenges in their life.
  • Keep reminded that as much as forms your customer will be filled out, you will get accurate information about your customers. These are the really important steps that you have to perform to get the right audience to your business. You can use any social media to perform this task. Once you got the information of your buyers you have an idea of what your customers are looking for or searching for online.
  • Now you have to make a list of at least 10-15 keywords that your customers searching for (use keyword research tools like google keyword planner it’s totally free). After doing all these steps, pitch yourself in front of them. You can give them free courses, video tutorials, and so much free stuff to interact in a good manner and nurture them to buy your paid products or services.

Conclusion – 

The above how to choose your profitable niche I have already described can be very useful for any blogger or anyone who is planning to launch his/her new website. That’s all about the post, if you like my explanation, please share this post with your connection (social media) who are looking for the same and comment to me if any suggestions or feedback you want to give me.

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